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Bob “BobbyG” Griffiths – Speaker Bio

Bob Griffiths is a personal and corporate wellness coach, professional speaker and leadership developer.  He has been leading and training teams for over 25 years.  His high quality, high content, high energy programs are well-researched and delivered in an interactive, down-to-earth style so that everyone will remember and be inspired to take action.

Prior to becoming a professional speaker, Griffiths was a middle-school and college educator, a worship pastor and a nationally touring performer.  Each of these has enhanced his ability to communicate effectively.

Besides speaking and coaching, Griffiths enjoys social media and staying active by pursuing his passion for sprinting as a Masters/Senior athlete. 2013 is his best year yet. He’s medaled 5 times earning 3 silver and 2 bronzes medals in his age group. In 2014 BobbyG earned 1 silver and 3 bronze on his way to qualifying for the 2015 National Senior Games which will be held in Minneapolis.

BobbyG is available to speak on the following health and wellness related topics:

Have Fun, Get Fit, Live Well

Program description:

Wellness isn’t just for the hard workers, it’s for we fun-loving folks too.  In Have Fun, Get Fit, Live Well, Griffiths outlines how everyone can live a more vibrant and healthy life by learning how to have fun.

This presentation is covers the following topics:

Food Fun – learn how to enjoy the most nutritious foods for your needs

Fun Fitness – simple strategies to be active and burn calories so you can fight off heart disease, depression and diabetes.

Dynamic Wellness – understand how wellness is more about process and balance than about destination.

* Available as 15-60 minute presentation or as a 3-hour fundraising workshop.

Counteracting the Consequences of COPD

Program description (for industry audiences):

Counteracting the Consequences of COPD is an interactive, CEU style presentation that offers updates on the latest trends, research and timeless principles in managing COPD’s impact in the RCFE and Senior Communities.  Attendees will learn simple but effective strategies that they can implement when they return to their facilities.

Program description (for community audiences):

You’re in your 50s.  You’ve been feeling short of breath lately so you make an appointment with your doctor.  After a simple spirometry test, s/he informs you that you have COPD.

Now what?!?!

As with any chronic disease diagnosis, we have so many questions.  What does this mean?  What do I eat?  How long will I live?  If it’s not curable, is there anything I can do?  Does anybody else feel like I do…?

Counteracting the Consequences of COPD can help you find those answer and take charge of your health.  In this interactive presentation, Bob Griffiths will teach you self-management strategies which will help you feel empowered.  It will also help you if you’re caring from someone who’s been diagnosed with COPD.  You’ll be better equipped to help.

* Available as 15-60 minute presentation or as a 3-hour fundraising workshop.

Where do I get my protein? (plant-powered sports performance)

Program description:

Athletes can have greater nutritional needs than the typical adult their age.  These needs are centered around balancing carbohydrates, proteins and fats.  If you’ve ever considered being a plant-based athlete, you may be struggling with how to get your protein.  This presentation answers your questions.

This presentation is covers the following topics:

Plant-based Protein – learn how to position your muscles to grow and perform at their peak.

Protein requirements – learn the leading best practices to balancing your nutrition in a healthy way.

Maintain your sanity – learn how to focus on the principles and process instead of the protein.

* Available as 15-60 minute presentation or as a 3-hour fundraising workshop.

Living Well with Chronic Disease

Program description;

In this presentation, you will learn tips and strategies to better manage your disease and your response to it.  Through accountability, the intentional application of action plans and group interaction, participants can gain confidence no matter the disease they’re struggling with.

This program is also available as a multi-session workshop

Down with Falls

Program description:

Falls cost our health care system millions of dollars.  But it doesn’t have to be this way.

In this presentation, you will learn ways to minimize your risk of falls including the types of exercises, ways to organize your home and technology options.

California State Games

I am honored to be an Ambassador for the California State Games. 

The California State Games (CSG) is a multi-sport festival of Olympic-style competition for California’s amateur athletes of all ages and abilities. State Games is a community-based member of the United States Olympic Committee. In addition to our Summer State Games, we host the California Winter Games, with Figure Skating, Ice Hockey, and Roller Skating..

CSG provides all Californians with a wholesome avenue for positive personal development through sports and physical activity. Additionally, a network of administrators and volunteers are established throughout California to further the development of amateur athletic programs