As a Certified Wellness Coach, I’ve learned that change takes support and time.  Studies have shown that if you’re at a point where you want to make changes, you’ll be the most successful if you’re motivated, committed and have a support structure in place.  For some, that support is simply a well-timed email that checks in on you regularly or provides you with the info you need to take your “next steps.”.  For others, it’s a forum or online support group where interaction with similarly minded people can share experiences and encourage each other on the path to success.  You’re fairly self-sufficient and definitely motivated if these types of support are all you need.

There are others, however, for whom personalized support – whether virtual or in-person, group or individual – is the best.  If this sounds like you, then you’re in good company.  Most people who really want to reach their goals will get some level of “Personalized” support. The programs you see below offer a combination of all these forms of support.

The goal of each program is to help you reach your goal within the program.  For example, “Eat • Move  Thrive” has a weightloss component.  My goal is to support you to lose the weight you want to lose – as opposed to telling you how much weight you “should” lose.  I also help you discover which strategy would be a good fit in order to facilitate your success.

Clicking on the images will take you to pages which have more detail about each program. And if there’s anything that’s unclear, please feel free to contact me at BobbyG [at]