What's coaching anyway?

What’s coaching?

Coaching is a partnership where two (sometimes more) agree that the client (you) want the coach (possibly me) to help you reach a goal.  No matter what the goal is: weight loss, strength gains, reconnecting with estranged kids or setting a budget, the process is essentially the same.  Both parties agree on the goals and the coach, through conversation and education works with the client so that the s/he can reach the stated goal.

Coaches believe that you are the expert on what’s in your best interest.   You know what you need to do – you simply want some help.  A coach comes along side you to support you to the point of success.

Here’s why I coach:

Coaching is one of my favorite things to do.  I enjoy being supportive and helpful as well as facilitating the positive changes you want to make.

That’s right, you set the agenda, the scope, the goals – and I help you get there.

Below you’ll see 4 of the ways I help;

When it comes to a plan, I’ll help you create it and follow through with it.

When it comes to clarity, I’ll help you find it and remind you of your vision when you feel you’ve lost your sense of purpose.

When you’re stuck, I help un-stuck you.

And lastly, I help you multiply your successes so that you increase your success.

After you’ve reviewed your options, contact us via the form on this page.

I look forward to your success.

Coach BobbyG

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Create a plan

We can help you create a

personalized plan to complete

your cleanse and maintain

progress afterward.


Find clarity

Confused about what to

eat or what you are

experiencing? Ask us any


Get unstuck

Roadblocks and challenges

can happen. A coach can help

you through to the finish line

Increase progress

Get tips to improve

momentum during your


Choose a plan that meets your needs

Got questions?

I want you to make the best choice for your success.  Feel free to ask me a question.